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Margaret Karagas, PhDMargaret Karagas, PhD
Section Head

Professor of Community & Family Medicine in Epidemiology

Co-Director, Epidemiology & Chemoprevention, Norris Cotton Cancer Center

Director, Formative Children's Environmental Health and Disease Prevention Research Center

University of Washington, PhD 1990

Section of Biostatistics & Epidemiology
Dartmouth Medical School
One Medical Center Drive
7927 Rubin Building
Lebanon, NH 03756

Phone: (603) 653-9010
Fax: (603) 653-9093
Email: Margaret.R.Karagas@Dartmouth.EDU

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Institutional & Center Affiliations:

Children's Environmental Health and Disease Prevention Center at Dartmouth

The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice

Dartmouth Toxic Metals Research Program
Human Epidemiology of Arsenic in New Hampshire

Norris Cotton Cancer Center, Cancer Epidemiology and Chemoprevention Research Program

Professional Interests: Professor Karagas' research encompasses several epidemiological studies focusing on the etiology and prevention of human cancers, as well as adverse pregnancy and children's health outcomes. These include investigations to determine incidence rates of basal cell and squamous cell skin cancer for a geographically defined US population, and to assess the extent of any increase over the past 20 years. Another aspect of this research is a case-control study of these malignancies to identify risks associated with emerging exposures such as tanning lamps, ingestion of arsenic-containing drinking water, immunosuppressive therapies and other factors. This research has been extended to study the effects of arsenic on bladder cancer and to conduct chemical analyses of household drinking water supplies.

Most recently, Professor Karagas' major research initiative involves establishing a cohort of pregnant women in New Hampshire to assess the potential impact of arsenic and other exposures on risk of maternal and infant infection and birth outcomes. She is currently the Director of the Children's Environmental Health and Disease Prevention Center at Dartmouth. Her ongoing work further includes studies of melanoma in women and collaborative investigations of exposure biomarkers, individual susceptibility, and biological response to environmental agents.